Are you tired of the revolving sales door at your dealership? Are you frustrated with sale people who skip the steps and shortcut? Do you battle with the thought of hiring experienced versus non experienced sales people? Are you tired of the continuous training cycle?


Please click on the link(s) below to learn more about the MDA/ASFT Sales training course and how it can improve your sales productivity.

New Hire Training video

Who & Why ASFT video

Dealer testimonial videos

The Motor Dealers Association of Alberta is offering in partnership with Auto Sales Force Training, (ASFT) Sales Training Courses to new hires or salespeople with little or no experience. Two courses per month will be conducted in both Edmonton and Calgary & are 2½ days in length.  Lunch will be provided.

ASFT uses techniques that are built upon the philosophy that the sales experience should be unique & different so that your sales people stand out. ASFT has created an intensive, strategic sales training platform that applies a back to basics” approach. ASFT has cleverly crafted over 50 videos set in a showroom with actors engaged with customers that show the incorrect ways of engaging with customers in the seven steps of the sales process.

ASFT then coaches the correct ways of doing them for each of the sales steps. There is an extensive role playing aspect to this course after the concept has been taught.

Cost:  $688 + GST per person

Maximum: 14 attendees

NOTE:  First 100 participants will receive a $200 grant from the MDA Education Foundation upon completion of the course.

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