STOP the revolving door and re-hiring new salespeople!

With fewer customers walking through the showroom doors in today’s competitive market, can you truly afford to have your salespeople waste an opportunity?

Let ASFT re-train your team on the importance of the basics; the sales process; how to build real value; how to do effective follow up; how to handle objections professionally. With these core skills mastered, ASFT will coach your team on how to effectively close more deals now!

With an expert understanding of the local, Alberta market, and a strong digital focus, ASFT continues to improve dealership experience and maximize sales for businesses across Alberta. Drew has over 26 years of retail automotive experience in domestic, import and Luxury dealerships.

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The Motor Dealers Association of Alberta is offering in partnership with Auto Sales Force Training, (ASFT) Sales Training courses to New Hires or salespeople with LIMITED experience.

Two courses per month will be conducted  in both Edmonton and Calgary & are 3 days in length


“Drew, thank you so much! I feel I learned so much. I’m excited to put what I’ve learned into action”


 “Extremely informative and eye opening. To learn from someone with so much experience is such a       

 huge privilege. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned”.


 “Drew, excellent presentation!  I would recommend your training for newbies & the most senior reps.


Cost:  $688 + GST per person

Maximum: 14 attendees

NOTE: First 100 participants will receive a $200 grant from the MDA Education Foundation upon completion of the course.

Click here to register for June.