Session Overview:

All human relationships will have some element of conflict. Participants in this workshop will gain understanding about their style of conflict resolution which will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their approach and assist them to develop more effective methods to deal with conflict on the job. By way of interactive discussion and activities, participants will identify alternate strategies to add to their repertoire of conflict management tools.


Through an energetic presentation, small group discussion and hands-on activities, participants will:

  • Learn about managing hostility and reducing stress
  • Determine how they handle conflict and their conflict style through Self-Assessment
  • Examine methods to create win-win solutions
  • Explore ways to apply creative problem solving for managing conflict
  • Learn through Role Play about Dealing with Hostility
  • Assess their Feelings and Stress
  • Discover how to establish Low-Stress Living

October 13 OR October 14 - Click here to register.