The SAIT Automotive Management Certificate Program is offered in partnership with Motor Dealers' Association of Alberta. These tailor designed courses will provide you with practical skills that you can use in your day-to-day operations. Participants can complete 12 courses to earn a SAIT "Applied Management Certificate". Courses can be taken in any order but must be completed in 5 years.

The next courses, "Mental Toughness" is scheduled for November 14 - 15, 2017 at SAIT in Calgary. Course information is as follows:

Success in today's corporate environment requires an unwavering focus, motivation, and dominant mental toughness. The mind is fundamental in determining how you: tackle obstacles in the workplace, excel under pressure, consistently perform beyond expectations, remain confident in times of distress, handle difficult workplace conversations, and excel when apprehension and doubt start to creep in. This workshop examines the concepts behind mental toughness, develops key strategies to improving mental toughness and ultimately allows you to become your own master and achieve the results that you want to achieve - in business and in life.

Module 1:        What is a Mental Edge in Today’s Workplace?

  • Determine the psychological characteristics that are associated with mental toughness.
  • Examine where or how Mental Toughness affects performance in the workplace and in life.
  • Examine the aspects of anxiety, stress, and pressure and its effect on the body and performance.
  • Determine ways to control anxiety, stress and pressure.
  • Make a personal impact on your own life.

Module 2:        Making the Most of Motivation

  • Distinguish the different types of motivation. Determine from where you derive your personal motivation.
  • Understand the psychological needs that are associated with intrinsic motivation.
  • Define learned helplessness and how it can be detrimental in the workplace.
  • Make a personal impact on your own life.

Module 3:        Goal Setting with Focus

  • Define focus, and understand the importance and relevance of focus.
  • Use goal setting to maintain focus and aid mental toughness in any situation.
  • Deal with distractions that fracture focus.
  • Make a personal impact on your own life.

Module 4:        Confidence in a Corporate World

  • Define self-belief, self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem and understand the relationship between them.
  • Discover ways to boost and manage self-belief
  • Work through specific workplace scenarios related to mental toughness.
  • Make a personal impact on your own life.

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