Industry professionals agree that the marketing landscape in retail automotive has changed. In 2019 it's more crucial than ever to allocate budget toward the medium(s) that are generating the best quality results.

The best dealers are laser-focused on Google Analytics insights, advanced customer communications, and correlating budgets to marketing efforts. Auto dealers and manufactures heavily invest in online advertising, yet few track engagements and conversions through the sales process.

The MDA, the UnWorkshop facilitators, and the guest speakers believe that dealers in our market area (Alberta), will give themselves a strategic advantage by determining the influences of marketing that result in revenue opportunities across all departments.

Special Presentation by Catilin Ott via live video

With 10+ years of experience, Cat is the former Website Operations and Digital Marketing Manager for the Lithia Motor Group. With 154 stores in 17 states, Cat brings unique perspective to attendees of this session that will help them maximize opportunities, allocate budgets effectively and attribute results to the proper sources.

Edmonton: April 24
Calgary: April 25

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