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The Motor Dealer's Association of Alberta (MDA) strives to serve the collective interest of all its members and promote positive relationships with government, industry, suppliers, consumers and media, by offering needed and effective programs and services. Our members include over 94% of Alberta's franchised new vehicle and heavy truck dealerships. The MDA is a not-for-profit, industry trade association with only two paid staff. The MDA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of dealer representatives from across the Province of Alberta, and an executive committee.

Membership with the MDA automatically covers your membership with the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA).  

There are numerous benefits to joining the Motor Dealers’ Association of Alberta.  Including:

  • Lobbying and Government relations. The MDA Political Action Committee is committed to ensuring that the voice of our membership is heard and acknowledged by Government at the provincial and federal levels.

Over the past years the MDA successfully lobbied the provincial government to make changes to the following dealer concerns:

  • Vicarious Liability insurance capped at $1 million on rental vehicles, service loaners and courtesy vehicles.
  • Regulation changes on the use of dealer plates.
  • Together with the CADA, successfully challenged the federal “Right to Repair” bill, GST on Finance Income.
  • Presently we are working on the “Right Hand Drive” used vehicle importation into Alberta issue, and changes to seizure of leased vehicles involved in criminal code offences.
  • MDA played a major lobbying role both in written submission and oral presentation at the Alberta Standing Committee for Families and Communities regarding Bill 203 Fair Trading Amendment.
  • On January 23, 2017 Bill 203 was defeated due to industry identifying several deficiencies with the Legislation.
  • Stronger Industry. Take pride in knowing your participation is contributing to legislative and manufacturer changes that make the automotive industry in Alberta better and stronger.
  • Scholarships through the MDA Education Foundation. Apprentices and management personnel enrolled in post-secondary studies can receive thousands of dollars in valuable scholarships to assist in their continuing education.
  • CADA 360 Dealer Driven Business Solutions including:
    • CADA 360 Employee Benefits.
    • CADA 360 Retirement Savings
    • CADA 360 Garage Insurance
  • Health & Safety Resources: The MDA works in conjunction with WCB and Alberta Employment & Immigration to provide valuable occupational health & safety resources to our members - free of charge.  The “Health & Safety Took-Kit for Alberta Auto & Truck Dealerships”, and “Safety Awareness for Dealership Employees” are examples.
  • MDA Website:  Listing as a Member on the website.
  • WCB & OH&S:  Workshops sponsored by MDA have resulted in lower WCB rates for the auto industry.($1.54 per 100 of income to .83¢ per 100 of income)
  • Hiring & Retention:  The MDA provides a portal for dealers to post hiring/want ads on the MDA website.
  • MDA Legal Action Fund:  Fund established to support dealers with their legal fees in provincial issues which would directly affect our industry as a whole.
  • MDA Legal Team: For AMVIC issues - the MDA will pay for the first consultation.
  • Yearly Salary Survey:  All participants receive yearly updates on salary and benefits for all dealership positions.
  • MDA Dealer Representatives:  On the AMVIC and Tire Recycling Boards who lobby dealer concerns on your behalf.
  • Discount Programs through Associate Members: The MDA has a number of partnerships with Associate Members who provide exclusive discounts to MDA Members.  A number of new programs are being finalized which will allow you to save significantly on services you are already purchasing.
  • Training/ Professional Development:  The MDA facilitates training in such areas as:
    • Receptionist Training (Keys to Communication, BGS Enterprises)
    • Automotive Management Certificate Program (in conjunction with SAIT)
    • Behavioral Assessment / Personality Analysis for new or existing staff through Art Niemann & Co. MDA Members receive a discounted rate.
    • Training "UnWorkshops" moderated by Jay Radke.
    • The MDA often brokers preferred rates for MDA Members to attend various special training opportunities such as sales seminars, motivational speakers, etc.
  • Special Events:  The MDA hosts an annual convention.  Workshops on current topics with industry renowned speakers.
  • Monthly Industry E-Newsletter:  This industry newsletter goes out monthly, and provides important industry news, and updates on the state of affairs in the province and beyond.
  • Dealer Alerts:
  • CADA Membership: Your dues include automatic membership into the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA).  You will receive the benefits of their lobbying at the federal level, and the legal action fund which provides legal protection for the automotive industry as a whole.

Membership dues are based on the number of new cars and trucks sold or leased, including fleet, during the calendar year two years prior (ie: 2020 new unit sales are used to calculate 2022 dues & used vehicle sales are not counted towards your dues category).

The table below shows the dues categories and respective amounts for the 2022 membership year.

Category #NEW Units Sold in 2020 Fee GST @ 5% (Reg. #R122463672) Total Assessment
A 1-199 $725 $36.25 $761.25
B 200-399 $925 $46.25 $971.25
C 400-699 $1,125 $56.25 $1,181.25
D 700-1000+ $1,550 $77.50 $1,627.50

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the MDA.

MDA of Alberta Membership Application (Jan.-Dec. 2022)

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  • 2022 Dues

  • Membership dues are based on the number of new cars and trucks sold or leased, including fleet, during calendar year 2020. Dealer’s not in business a full year should pay the amount listed in “Category A”. Satellite dealership’s sales are not to be included with the primary dealership’s sales. Please complete a separate form for a satellite dealership.

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