Please be advised that shuttle vehicles that have a capacity less than 10 people require a Commercial Level 3 licence plate.

Shuttle drivers require a Class 4 drivers licence.

Below is an email received from Alberta Transportation clarifying their interpretation of "for hire".

When transporting passengers, the circumstances under which the vehicle is being operated determines what class of licence is required. While a Class 5 driver may operate a passenger vehicle with up to 15 seats, they may not operate a vehicle “for hire”. A Class 1, 2, or 4 driver’s license is required if a vehicle is transporting passengers "for hire". The definition of "for hire" can be found in Section 1(j) of the Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation (OLVCR), which states:

“(j)“for hire” with respect to a vehicle, means that the vehicle owner or operator, or the operator’s employer, is being paid for the service that the vehicle is being used to provide, but for the purposes of sections 23 and 25, a motor vehicle is not “for hire” when the operator drives a private passenger vehicle for the transportation of passengers on an incidental or occasional basis and receives compensation in respect of the transportation of those passengers only in one or more of the following forms:
(i) as payment for the kilometers travelled at a rate not exceeding the limit of tax exempt allowance paid by employers to employees as prescribed in section 7306 of the Income Tax Regulations of Canada (CRC chapter 945);
(ii)as straight reimbursement for out of pocket expenses directly related to the transportation, including, without limitation, gas, parking, gate passes and tolls;
(iii) in a case where the operator is party to an agreement to provide transportation to only the operator’s family members, members of the operator’s household or persons for whom the operator is a legal guardian, as compensation only to provide transportation to those persons;”

The key factor is whether the driver of the vehicle is employed predominantly to transport passengers, meaning that transportation is a principal function of that individual’s job requirements. If the person has been hired essentially as a driver to transport passengers, that person will require a Class 4 license on the basis the person is being paid for the service that the vehicle is being used to provide. If the drivers of these vehicles are unpaid volunteers, and the passengers are not paying for the service, they are not operating “for hire”. In this case, the driver may hold a Class 5 licence.

Based on the information provided in your inquiry, the driver in this scenario will require a Class 4 driver’s licence as long as he or she is being paid to perform the described service and the vehicle passenger size is not more than 15.

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