Courtesy of CADA

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) and your provincial association executives are working together to highlight important elements of Canada’s privacy and marketing legislation. Dealer associations want to highlight the importance of dealerships’ compliance with privacy law and your association’s efforts to enhance privacy awareness among dealers.

Engaging in meaningful compliance efforts makes real business sense because ‘due diligence defences’ can apply when a business makes significant efforts to act in compliance with Canada's anti-spam legislation’s (CASL) many complex requirements. Privacy is something dealerships need to address as a matter of course, putting as much emphasis on their approach to personal customer information as they do to the security of the physical aspects of their dealerships.

Your provincial and national associations are working together to get the message out that privacy protocols are important as part of a responsible way of treating customers, and because it is the law with penalties that could prove costly. Dealers also have to be mindful of potential reputational issues surrounding any failure to protect customer information.

“In a world where cybersecurity is a real risk, customer satisfaction includes making people feel confident their personal data is safe and used only for purposes the business has identified,” warns Tim Ryan, Vice-President and Director of Industry Relations & General Counsel at CADA. “In all cases, getting clear express consent before collecting, using or sharing personal information is the gold standard.”

Your associations want to remind you that privacy law became a fact of business life for Canadian dealerships in 2004 and since then CADA has been highly active in making dealers aware of new regulations. CADA recently did a memo and webinar on CASL that is available at There are also excellent government resources available to assist businesses at and