The Government of Alberta has recently announced new measures to provide financial support to help employers through the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

These measures include a deferral of 2020 WCB premium payments for all private sector employers until 2021. When invoicing resumes in 2021, small and medium-sized employers (those with $10 million or less in insurable earnings) will only be required to pay 50 per cent of their 2020 premiums – the other 50 per cent will be paid by the Government of Alberta. More details can be found on our new employer fact sheet.

On behalf of WCB’s Executive and Board of Directors, we applaud the Alberta government for taking strong measures to help our province’s employers during these unprecedented times. By deferring premium payments, all private sector employers will benefit from having increased financial liquidity. Roughly $350 million in premiums will be waived to support 183,000 small and medium-sized employers during these difficult economic times.

At WCB-Alberta, we remain focused on reducing the impact of workplace injuries and illnesses, while ensuring we deliver a sustainable system for the injured workers who rely on us and the employers who fund us. As we all work together to overcome the challenges in front of us, know that we are here to support you in any way we can.