Are you aware that on June 1, 2018 new legislation came into effect that required all companies with more than 20 employees on site to have a formal safety program? Learn more:

Click here to visit the Alberta Government site
Click here to read the Bennett Jones Article

There’s a lot that goes into the basic program, 11 specific elements in fact. From policies to procedures and hazard assessments to training and documentation.

We know that building a safety program from scratch can be costly and confusing, we’ve done it several times!

We’ve Partnered with the Motor Dealers’ Association to provide a Solution for Auto Dealers!

We have designed a leading-edge Safety Management System that will you to comply with the required elements of the new legislation without large impacts to your existing business:

• Focused, effective programs that identify and manage liability
Quick implementation (basic program can be implemented in under 30 days per location)
Online forms and documentation
• Managed administration, we monitor documentation and make recommendations to keep you on track
• Online training, no costly work interruptions
Easy to use; our program runs on a one-page custom dashboard (see below)
• Real time support: online/phone/in person – whatever works best for you
• Our basic program starts at $200/month; we leverage technology to save you $$

Our system is working for over 50 dealerships in Alberta, call today to see how we can help.

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