The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) would like to take this opportunity to address some confusion that has arisen regarding a new registered tire processor that has been contacting vehicle dealers in the Calgary area to offer their services for tire collection.

This is to confirm that CRM of Canada Processing ULC (CRM) has recently been approved by ARMA as a registered tire processor.  This approval is on an interim basis which is standard practice for the processor registration process in all four recycling programs that we manage.

CRM will be situated in the Calgary area which will provide both a great balance for a southern Alberta tire recycling solution and the opportunity to increase service levels for collection on a province-wide basis.

We would like to note that Alberta’s tire program is considered an open program which means as generators of scrap tires, vehicle dealers have the right to choose which processor best suits their needs for collection.  At the same time these companies e.g., CRM are also free to approach vehicle dealers to offer their collection services.

If you choose to retain your current registered processor and then, for example, in a few months’ time you determine they are not meeting your business needs, you are free to contact the other processors to discuss a transition.  The contact information for processors can be found at   Please note that CRM is currently finalizing their Calgary-area contact details and once confirmed this information will be added to ARMA’s website.

While ARMA does not get involved in the business arrangements between registered processors and generators, if you ever experience difficulties arranging tire pick-up, feel free to contact us for assistance at 1.888.999.8762 or email  When submitting a tire collection concern:

  • Please indicate who your current service provider is; within the program requirements there are penalty clauses that can be implemented if they are not preforming.
  • Also ensure that you include your registration number, the number of tires you have ready for pick-up (minimum of 100 required), and photos of the tire pile/bin.

We would also recommend that you plan ahead for scrap tire collection.   Following are a few tips for your reference:

  • Maximize your tire storage space. Ensure you have room for at least 100 tires.
  • Schedule pick-up a few weeks ahead of when you forecast that you will need it.
  • Ensure your storage area is clean and accessible to truck traffic for efficient tire collection.  Tire processors may not be able to service your location if there is debris and non-program tire material included in your tire pile.

If you have any questions regarding CRM or the tire program in general, we welcome you to email us at or call us at 1.888.999.8762.