At the December 2017 MDA Board meeting it was decided that the MDA enter into an agreement with Bryan & Company LLP law firm to establish a dedicated team of lawyers to provide MDA member dealers with advice and representation with respect to AMVIC investigations and prosecutions.

The legal team will review and assess all the relevant laws and regulations of the Fair Trading Act and the Automotive Business Regulations and gain a familiarity with this legislation.

The benefit to our members is that by using one legal team they will acquire experience dealing with the various types of investigations and charges and will be able to recognize both the similarities and dissimilarities present in each given circumstance. That growing knowledge base, along with the familiarity gained by dealing with the AMVIC investigators and with Crown Prosecutors, should allow them to both impact the enforcement process and to safeguard against the potential of unreasonable enforcement of the legislative restrictions.

Individual MDA members are generally reliant on separate counsel, many of which have no experience or expertise in defending the charges which arise out of AMVIC investigations.

All MDA members will benefit from using one legal team. Members can be sure when receiving advice and if necessary representation from a legal team that has the expertise and knowledge to provide the experienced and competent advice in a timely and cost effective manner.

Further to the partnership with Bryan & Company the board also decided to cover the cost of the first consultation with the legal team at Bryan & Company on AMVIC investigations and prosecutions.

This new MDA dealer member benefit will work in conjunction with the already existing Legal Action Fund that dealers can apply for when challenging prosecutions.

Contact person at Bryan & Company LLP is Tim Smythe - he can be reached at his direct line (780) 420-4720, email: