Your MDA has been working with AMVIC and Alberta Transportation to gain clarification on whether an MFA can be used by a dealership other than where is was completed.  The following information was just received from AMVIC.

A recent meeting with Alberta Transportation has identified that the Mechanical Fitness Assessment (MFA), which is required under the Vehicle Inspection Regulation 211/2006 section 15(1) can be transferred between dealerships. The MFA must be completed by an automotive service technician or heavy equipment technician depending on the vehicle being inspected. The MFA must contain the signature of the technician who conducted the MFA and the date it was completed, full description of the vehicle being sold including kilometers/miles, name and address of the dealer selling the vehicle and valid within 120 days of the assessment. 

As a best practice, we suggest that the dealership receiving the vehicle from another dealership conduct their own assessment, as they are now responsible for the vehicle. However it is not required if the MFA is valid (within 120 days) and signed and dated by the licensed technician who completed the assessment. The dealership selling the vehicle to the consumer, must have their name and address on the MFA.  If the dealership obtained the vehicle and MFA from another dealership, they can cross out the name of the dealership on the MFA and place their name and address on the form.  I have attached Section 15 of the Vehicle Inspection Regulation for your reference.

We expect this will be viewed as great news and you can incorporate into your sales process immediately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MDA Office.