This email is to advise you that Alberta Transportation has updated the interpretation of “for hire” and now allows a Class 5 licence holder to operate a courtesy shuttle at a car dealership.

The Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation (OLVCR) provides the legislative framework for operator licensing and states that “for hire” means that the vehicle owner or operator, or the operator’s employer is being paid for the service the vehicle is being used for. The key factor in defining “for hire” considers whether the driver of the vehicle is employed predominantly to transport passengers. Moreover, Section 25(2) of the OLVCR indicates that the holder of a Class 5 driver’s licence may not drive a vehicle that is transporting passengers “for hire”. In the previous interpretation of the OLVCR, car dealership shuttle drivers were considered to be transporting passengers “for hire”; therefore, required a Class 4 licence. To view the OLVCR online, please visit:

Alberta Transportation values fair administrative practices. In line with this, the department conducted a review of the policy interpretation of “for hire” following your feedback regarding this issue. Subsequent to the review of the policy for interpreting “for hire”, the department updated the interpretation of “for hire” to consider: the type of vehicle, the driver’s primary function of employment and the OLVCR’s requirements for the Class of driver’s licence. The interpretation of “for hire” will no longer include drivers who transport passengers in a vehicle with a designed seating capacity of 15 or fewer passengers, where passengers do not pay for transportation. The new interpretation allows a Class 5 licence holder to operate a courtesy shuttle at a car dealership.

The MDA wishes to thank Transportation Minister Ric McIver and his staff for reviewing and changing the regulation to accommodate dealership shuttle services practices.