In 2011, following a complaint filed by a consumer in 2009 regarding the capture and management of a customers personal information, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner found that the privacy statement used by dealerships was not in accordance with Section 7 or 13 of the Alberta Personal Information Protection Act, SA 2003.

Since that time, the MDA has been working with outside suppliers to produce a Privacy Statement that would meet the requirements as outlined in the Personal Information Protection Act.

We were unable to reach a reasonable and fair agreement for our members with outside providers. Therefore, the MDA proceeded to develop it's own Privacy Statement which dealers can use on their bill of sales, service work orders, parts invoices, etc.

The MDA has partnered with McCallum Printing Group Inc., to supply our member dealers with an updated MDA-5 Bill of Sale which includes the updated Privacy Statement. Also, for dealers who laser print their own bill of sales, a PDF format can also be ordered from McCallum Printing Group Inc.

When purchasing either the printed or PDF Bill of Sale, you will be required to sign off on the MDA Forms Access and Use Agreement before the product will be forwarded to you.

Included with the Bill of Sale (either printed or PDF) you will receive a copy of the Privacy Statement for use on all other forms that you may use in the capture of your customers personal information.

The MDA urges all dealerships that are not compliant to section 7 or 13 of the Personal Information Protection Act to immediately order the Bill of Sale (Printed or PDF Form), and update all other forms with the updated Privacy Statement (included) that capture customer personal information, so that you are compliant to Alberta laws and regulations.

Please click here to register for access to the new Bill of Sale. We plan to roll out many new products on this site for our dealer and associate members in the near future.