Regulations and Code Amendments

The following amendments come into force effective June 1, 2018.

Below are three links:
1) OHS Regulation Code Amendments Summary
2) OHS Regulation Code Amendments Presentation
3) OHS Regulation and Code Technical Briefing Follow Up (containing links which will assist you in your research)

As you review all this material you will notice that the Minister of Labour is responsible to establish the curriculum for Health Safety Committee co-chairs and representatives.

However, this curriculum won’t be available until early fall. You’re advised to visit the Alberta OHS website and link on to the e-Learning Programs regarding OHS laws (Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness e-Learning Program).

This is a 2 hour free training online course. Following this course a 6 hour course at will also assist you in complying to the new changes.

Employers are also responsible to develop and implement a workplace violence prevention plan and a workplace harassment protection plan.

The legislation also updated the provisions in the OHS code for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) to WHMIS 2015 to align Alberta with the rest of Canada.

We were informed that OHS inspections will use an approach of being FIRM, FAIR, and FLEXIBLE as employers get up to speed on these OHS changes. They will use a measured approach of gauging employer efforts implementing these OHS changes. They will however, have no sympathy for employers who have not implemented the 2009 OHS changes.

The MDA is presently working with OHS to update our Health & Safety Tool Kit. This process will commence this week and once the updates are completed the Tool Kit will be shipped out. The MDA has been in contact with a labour lawyer for assistance in developing workplace violence & harassment policies.