In early July, 2012, it was brought to our attention that some dealers where providing customers with CarProof reports which included lien information containing the vehicles previous owners date of birth, home address, etc. The complainant felt that this information exceeded the privacy guidelines.

The MDA immediately contacted the Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner's Office regarding this concern and to seek advice. The FOIP office advised that since dealers would have cleared the liens on trade-ins before offering them for sale, that the sharing of the lien complete with the previous owners personal information would be in contravention to the Privacy Act.

The MDA then contacted CarProof regarding this issue about sharing lien information on their report which also included personal information to third parties. CarProof advised us that when dealers order a CarProof verified report, they receive two reports for the price of one. Every time a verified report is requested a dealer is presented with a V-C button beside the VIN in their archives. By clicking this button the dealer is presented with the new URL they are able to post on-line that eliminates the lien section, basically turning a verified report into a claims report where all the data remains the same. The only difference is the lien section has been removed.

The MDA, CarProof and the Alberta Privacy Commissioners Office advise you to provide consumers (third party) with copies of the CarProof claims reports only.

For further information, please contact Denis Ducharme at 780-465-8850 or CarProof Customer Service at 1-866-835-8612.