With the support of our partners at CADA 360 and DealerPILOT, you will find included in this note, information on how to structure your application, process recommendations and an Employee Consent Form.  When the program was announced, the MDA received several requests for help in establishing a proper process to support the tests.

Since the initial announcement by the Alberta Government, the local Chambers of Commerce have developed an agreement to manage distribution of the free tests to support this program.  The application process is still through the Alberta Health website at https://www.alberta.ca/rapid-testing-program.aspx .

Please review the documents below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the MDA Office or DealerPILOT directly (contact information is included in the attachment titled:  Advisory Services).

Completed Form Sample
Consent Form Template
Dealership Recommendations
DealerPILOT Advisory Services

The MDA would like to thank CADA 360 and DealerPILOT for their support of our members through these very trying times.