This past Thursday, the MDA was contacted by a public health inspector from Alberta Health Services asking if the MDA was providing health and safety procedures to its dealer members regarding COVID-19.  Our reply was that dealers had implemented health and safety protocols for their dealerships for both their employees and customers, and that the MDA was developing health and safety procedures for its members and would be distributing them within the next day or so.

The reason for the call from AHS was due  to consumer inquiries or concerns about COVID-19 health and safety protocols in Auto and H.D. Truck dealerships.  In answering consumer inquiries, they would provide dealership COVID-19 procedures.

Included in this bulletin are 8 different procedures that we ask you to review, modify if necessary and implement IMMEDIATELY, if you have not already done so.  Our industry is being watched and scrutinized, not only by consumers, but also your employees.

The MDA is working in conjunction with other provincial auto dealer associations in developing other procedures and once complete, will be forwarding to you.

AHS also shared that employee COVID-19 health and safety complaints are forwarded directly to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) for inspection.

The Alberta government has deemed Auto and H.D. Truck Dealerships as an essential service, on condition that COVID-19 Health and Safety procedures and protocols be implemented for your employees and customers.

Failure to abide to these conditions could result in changes to the essential services dealerships currently have.

Health & Safety Protocols