As most dealers are aware, Federal Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau has proposed significant changes to the small business tax structure in Canada. CADA opposes these changes as they will damage the ability of small business to grow and expand, as well as the ability to prepare for future economic downturns and unexpected changes in business environments.

CADA has been working with like-minded associations including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to deliver the message to the Trudeau government that these tax changes will have a negative impact on jobs and overall economic growth. In addition, CADA has secured a meeting with Minister Morneau's senior political staff and several key MPs and Senators. CADA will also actively be participating in the Minister's planned tour to engage small business. CADA has prepared a formal submission to the Department of Finance on this issue and will be submitting this with the support of expert tax counsel.

We need our members to get involved and reach out to their Member of Parliament (MP) to discuss how these tax changes will impact small businesses, including auto dealers. Please click here to send a personalized letter to your local MP and make sure to encourage all of your employees to do the same. Feel free to send the letter twice, sending once using your business postal code, and once using your home postal code.

Thank you for getting involved, and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions on the proposed changes or the MP outreach initiative.